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Timber Lake Playhouse is the oldest continuously operating professional summer theatre company in Illinois. Celebrating its 56th season, the Playhouse is located on four acres about 140 miles west of downtown Chicago.  Since 1962, TLP has served thousands of young artists in the transition from educational to professional work. The 371 seat indoor theatre has a revolving stage and a 45′ wide proscenium space, allowing for excellent production values. Housing, shops, and meal facilities are all located in 15 other buildings on the property. Timber Lake Resort is located across the street from the Playhouse. While we are not officially affiliated, the resort gives our company members free access to a beautiful in-ground pool and various other activities.


From the Artistic Director As a company of over 100 people who live and work together non-stop over our sixteen week season, we become closer than a lot of families. We are looking for the most talented people we can find, but we also want people with great personalities, a sense of creativity and curiosity, and people who can get along well with a lot strong personalities. in 2016 we’ve adopted an artistic framework for all of our creatives to work within to ensure that our work is the best it can be. I’m very proud of the reputation Timber Lake Playhouse has developed as a fun place to work with high artistic standards. Our directors are professionals from around the country who bring new and exciting ideas to our shows and give our company members a strong professional network when they leave TLP. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we take our work very seriously. We want to hire people who will commit to making our collaborative work the best it can possibly be.

James Beaudry