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Larger Items  (New or Used):

  • Cordless Drill Drivers with Chargers Purchased by TLP Patron
  • Working Color Laser Printer with scan and fax option  Donated by RK Dixon
  • Copy Machine (duplex option preferred)  Donated by RK Dixon
  • Working Table Saw  Purchased by TLP Patron at the Annual Gala
  • Compound Miter Saw  Purchased by Friends of TLP
  • Welder
  • Genie Scissors Lift for Electricians & Painters
  • Fire Ring and Additional Outdoor Chairs  Fire Ring Donated by TLP Patron at the Annual Gala

Major Capital Expenses:

  • Retirement of Scene Shop Debt & Naming Rights: $50,000
  • New Black Curtains for the Stage: $15,000
  • A New Well: $15,000+
  • Additional Restrooms & Showers for Company: $50,000
  • Ground drains and trench behind the Theatre: $1000

OR- Sponsor one of our Continuous Expenses:

  • Microphone Batteries for each Production: $250
  • Lamps for Stage Lights for each Production: $200
  • 225 Company Meals: $150 each
  • Blank Tickets for a Season: $300
  • Paint & Supplies for each production: $300
  • Lumber, Steel & Hardware for each production: $1500

You will receive charitable gift statement from us stating your tax-deductible contribution.

In-Kind donations must be given a fair market value by the donor.

Commemorative items, such as plaques, benches, etc., are not considered In-Kind Donations. In-Kind Donations may only be claimed if they fulfill an operational need that would otherwise be an expense for Timber Lake Playhouse.

 We kindly thank you for Dreaming Bigger with us.