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Born Yesterday

Posted on Jun 19, 18 in Shows

Born Yesterday

by Garson Kanin

Directed by Chuck Smith

Before Elle Woods was Legally Blonde, Billie Dawn was Born Yesterday. This famous comedy enjoyed one of the longest Broadway runs in history for a play. A vulgar, egotistic junkman named Harry Brock has come to a swanky hotel in Washington to make some deals with government big-wigs. He has brought with him the very charming and very dumb ex-chorus girl, Billie, whose lack of social graces embarrasses even Harry. Billie must be taught some Washington manners – and many other basic bits of information. A young, idealistic magazine reporter, Paul Verrall, who is covering Brock’s activities, agrees to come on board to educate Billie.

Paul finds Billie has a frankness and natural honesty in her that no one expected. And as she begins to learn about history, society and politics, she also begins to understand Harry’s crooked schemes. The hilarious fallout precipitates a political (and personal) crisis, as Billie decides to take matters into her own hands.

June 21 – 30, 2018

Run Time: 2 hours, 15 minutes

Rating: Mature Comic Themes