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A New Perspective…

Posted on Jul 10, 20 in Blogroll

I hope you all had a wonderful, and safe, holiday weekend and are gearing up for this weekend. Felicia and I spent the 4th with a few friends, which was relaxing and fun. (Those are two words I have not used in a while;) You’ve heard me write about the sadness and longing we all have been going through due to what’s happening in our world. Well, last weekend reminded me it’s also important to focus on some positive perspectives. While TLP will not be able to program this season, that does not mean we cannot make an effort to give our campus a little TLC. For years the schedule has been as soon as the warmer weather comes, we begin working on shows, concerts, events, etc. and we barely have the time to get the campus ready for our artists and patrons. Now the campus in empty, so I’ve been using this time to clean and organize the shops, theater and creating new work spaces for next season. Doing this work has given me a new perspective on my life, my family and TLP. The effect TLP has on people is truly magical, and I am so blessed to call TLP home! It’s ‘magic’ is alive and well, inspiring me to work harder in creating spaces that will allow our artists to flourish.  Rolling up our sleeves, putting in some good ole’ fashioned elbow grease as we get into the cracks and crevices doing the work that’s needed. I say we’re doing good work. It’s work I love doing because it’s for a theatre I love being a part of.  So I’ll keep at it on my end and I hope you  find something you love doing during this ‘intermission’. Because this too shall pass my friends, and we WILL once again be gathering, enjoying each other’s company, watching shows and sharing experiences. That’s what TLP has always been, and will ALWAYS be!